Bairnsdale WEB Design - Terms and Conditions

The Agreement 

The client will agree to the terms and conditions stated in this document before work can commence. Clients should print out a copy of this document for their own records.


Charges for the services provided by Bairnsdale WEB Design are as laid out in the written quote for the project. 


Our payment terms are based on the following stages:

Stage 1 - prior to commencement
Pre-payment is required for domain registration, annual website hosting and any other external costs that are incurred at the start of the project.
Stage 2 - virtual completion
25% of website development costs. This stage provides for payment when the site is partly complete but is awaiting additional information or some business timing target before it can be fully commissioned.
Stage 3 - website completion
Balance of website development costs. 

Project completion

Once the project has been invoiced and paid, Bairnsdale WEB Design considers that the project is complete. Further work, other than errors made by Bairnsdale WEB Design, will be invoiced.


Bairnsdale WEB Design will make any minor adjustments to the project at no cost within ten days of the project completion, providing advice is clearly given in writing (letter or email).

Such changes only include changes to original content as quoted.

This does not include: creating new images, the scanning of new images, adding new buttons, adding extra text, correcting errors made in original text by client, etc. This work is not part of the original quotation and will be invoiced.

Ownership of the site/pages

All material, except that which was originally provided by the client, remains the property of Bairnsdale WEB Design until final payment has been received.

Cancellation of the project

Cancellation of a project should follow the plan laid out below:

  • Contact Bairnsdale WEB Design by phone or email as soon as possible.
  • Cancellation in writing at the earliest possible time thereafter. 

Clients will be charged for work undertaken from date of project commencement to date of initial cancellation.

Client and/or third party changes/alterations after project completion egdotcom cannot accept responsibility for any changes made to the pages once the project is completed.

Such alterations include, but are not limited to, additions, loss of links, modifications to navigation, loss of data. 

Any remedial work resulting from such changes will be invoiced.

Please note that:

  • all text and images (ie photographs and other graphics) are to be provided by the client to Bairnsdale WEB Design in electronic format (ie on USB stick, cd-rom or by email) 
  • additional charges will be invoiced for corrective work, scanning and conversion.   

Design Credits

A hyperlinked design credit to Bairnsdale WEB Design will appear in either small font size or as a logo at the bottom of the home page of all websites created for the client unless requested by the client to remove it. 


Clients must acknowledge acceptance of these terms before work will be commenced.

Late payments for Domain names and Hosting 

We have introduced a late payment fee of $15.  It has now been necessary introduce the fee due to a higher number of defaulting customers on a regular basis, and the work load associated in following up these outstanding amounts. 

For the majority of customers, this fee will never apply. 

This fee will be applied to services that have been suspended due to non payment, and will be applied to theinvoice.  To avoid being charged of this fee, please ensure that you contact us to arrange a payment plan if unable to pay by the due date. 

These terms and Conditions will apply to all work carried out by Bairnsdale WEB Design unless specifically noted in the quote.

To agree to the above terms and conditions, please complete this acceptance form and submit.