Worried about website hacking?

When your site is designed, Bairnsdale Web Design does its utmost to ensure your site defences are the best. 

     However, as your site ages, situations change. Hackers change their methods, improve their skills and your site could be at risk.

Hackers find new ways to bring your site down.  That’s why we recommend RSFirewall! to protect your Joomla! website from intrusions and hacker attacks. RSFirewall! is backed up by a team of experts that are trained to be always up to date with the latest known vulnerabilities and security updates.

  • Scan your files for malware
    The RSFirewall! System Scanner is an on-demand scanner that checks file permissions, checks for file changes and if you have the latest version of Joomla! and RSFirewall!. This is an essential tool that will help you identify potential security liabilities.
  • Protect your /administrator folder with an extra password
    With RSFirewall! you can add an additional back-end password. This will be displayed before the usual Joomla! administrator login page.
  • Check Joomla! core files for integrity
  • Protect administrator accounts
    Automated scripts can test for various combinations of users and passwords. RSFirewall! introduces a captcha image for your administrator panel after a few unsuccessful attempts. If more drastic measures are required, you can even block individual IPs or entire IP classes.
  • Steps to increase your website's security
  • Find and fix insecure file and folder permissions
  • Block access to specific countries
    Not all countries are friendly – many attacks come from the old Soviet bloc countries.  Ban them from accessing your site.
  • Keep track of attackers and block IPs that attack your website
    RSFirewall! provides a built in system log, thus you can easily see if security relevant actions have been performed. All you need to do is select the logs in question and click on either Add to Blacklist or Add to Whitelist. Timing is essential when dealing with security issues - you can even set RSFirewall! to send a email notification if a potential threat level is reached.
  • Lockdown your site
    Once your site is up and ready to go, why not preserver its current state as much as possible? RSFirewall! offers a lockdown mode that prevents new installations or the creation of other users with admin rights.

   How it works for you:

  • Annual licence is just $69
  • We install the software and set up the firewall on your site for you
  • We provide instructions so you can manage the firewall yourself later, if you choose
  • Importantly, this annual cost includes our installation of updates within the licence period